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Chris Bell: a Talented Musician or a Talented Writer?

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Chris Bell was born in 1960 in the largest town of Isle of Anglesey county – Holyhead, which is in the North Wales. Before becoming a well-known writer, Chris Bell has lived and worked in different places and countries. Firstly, he worked as a musician, a record company runner, a music journalist and editor while living in London. After moving to Hamburg, Germany, he applied to a guitar company and music publisher. In that period, the author worked at different spheres, trying to find himself in writing at the same time. He was pretty good in both – music and writing.

In 1996 Chris Bell published his first book, which was a collection of short stories. Though that book didn’t bring much popularity to the author, it was still quite a successful debut.

In 1997 Bell decided to move to New Zealand, where he completely dipped into the writing career.

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Writing Career and Publications

Chris Bell’s writing is very diverse. Before publishing a separate collection of his stories, some of those stories appeared in famous periodicals. For example, The Third Alternative, The Heidelberg Review, Grotesque, etc. And the anthology The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror described the collection of Chris Bell’s stories as a magnificent debut.

Chris Bell impressed the demanding audience not only by his collections of short stories but also by talented poetry. Bell’s poem «The Graves Have Turned to Powdered Wind» won a special reward at the Edit Red writers’ community. His poetry was published in different periodicals in different countries – Snorkel (Australia), Scree (UK), and Workshops New Poetry (UK).

But probably the most famous and the most promoted work by Chris Bell was his first novel – Liquidambar (2003). This novel brought great success to the author. Not only the public but also the professional critics welcomed «Liquidambar» very warm. In 2004 this novel won a respected reward – UKA Press International Search for a Great Read Competition. «Liquidambar» was named as something new and fresh in the world of literature. The novel doesn’t look like any other book. It can be rather compared to modern futuristic video games or movies. The novel itself was inspired by 12 paintings by famous American artist – Edward Hopper.