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Chris Bell’s website

Welcome to my website. What you’ll find here is a collection of short stories that once appeared in one of those unfashionable book things that were printed in ink on paper before the internet but which never really caught on. It also contains an excerpt from my first novel; some new and rediscovered stories; a number of poems; along with a recommended soundtrack of music to accompany my words. This, like most websites, is a work in progress and will expand to include even more writing — as soon as I can get off my web browser long enough to write anything; and that’s not a euphemism.


Readers and publishers tell me I’m crazy — why give away so much of your work, they ask, when you’re constantly griping about not being able to make a decent living as a writer? My grumpy answer to that question is that extravagance is my prerogative. Being wilfully profligate with my words is my differentiator, my competitive advantage, my USP:


And there’s more…


What follows is a manifesto. People who want a book want an artefact to own, to hold, to covet. They also know that the same words in a book are nevertheless words of a different kind. Something else I’ve discovered as a result of submitting stories hundreds of times to magazines (and receiving many square yards of rejection slips by return) is that the editors who publish them do so irrespective of the fact that they have already appeared online. Whereas the kinds of magazines with guidelines that angrily state submissions must be unpublished anywhere are generally not interested in my writing one way or the other.


There are precious few markets that pay good money for short fiction in the 21st Century. Many of the stories published on this site have appeared in print magazines and e-zines. When I was lucky, these publications paid me next to nothing for my efforts. But what really make a writer successful are his or her readers. And that reminds me of a quotation from the late, great and almost comically underrated Robert McAlmon, writing about his own writing:


“…as nobody paid it any attention I need not apologise, and can dare to say that much worse had been done before and is being done yet by others.”


Premium content has its place. This isn’t it. Giving away these stories is my way of getting my own back for the much worse stuff in the only way I know how. It’s cheaper than vanity publishing and you don’t have to pulp websites or stack them under your bed. This does not mean I don’t value the written word; this website is a promotional tool and the best way for me to promote my body-of-work is for you to be able to read as much of it as I’ll allow. As a recovering dotcommunist, I don’t need an e-commerce shop window through which to sell my work. Other people do that already.


I’m very happy for you to be able to read everything here for free and I’d love to hear from you. I’ll send you a PDF file of anything you find on the site if you email me, so you can print it out and read it at leisure. But what would be really encouraging, assuming you find anything here that you like, is if you would order one of my books. Not only would that rekindle an addled author’s faith in human nature, it would help me to prove that the internet isn’t killing book sales so I can get on with writing and don’t have to eat my words (money is not its own reward and words don’t taste as good as food).

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“Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.” GUSTAVE FLAUBERT, 1821-1880



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